Fairwell RogueRPG, Untill Next Time!!
Server Information
Server Status: Offline
Version: 5.4.1
Client Version: 5.4.1
(Updated Every 1 Hour)
(1) Username: ChatNoir Level: 9
(2) Username: Gray Level: 7
(3) Username: OldWizard Level: 7
(4) Username: Anyz Level: 5
(5) Username: Ants Level: 5
Help Is Here
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Privacy & Saftey
Your saftey is important to us here at RogueRPG. Our server only collects username/password related to the game. Our server then encrypts/decrypts for your security. We even encrypt/decrypt all local storage data.
Protect Yourself
Your main role in having a RogueRPG account is making sure you have a strong password. Use Capatials, Special Chars, & Numbers so you have yourself a great secure password.